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Energy Efficiency in Your New Home

Many prospective buyers who are considering a home purchase will look primarily at prices and mortgage options when deliberating the financial cost of the home. What they don’t take into account are the energy costs. While it is natural to assume that it is the mortgage payments that constitute the main cost of home ownership, the fact is that when buying a home, the energy usage should also be factored into its cost as well. Otherwise, you aren’t getting an accurate picture of how much that home will cost to maintain and run, and whether or not you can afford it.

We believe that our customers deserve the best build quality in their new homes and integrity from their builder. We want to provide a respected, easy-to-understand method recognized nation-wide for you to understand your future home's energy efficiency. We build our homes to be energy efficient to help keep your utility bills low. Many homeowners are plagued by high utility bills and are unaware that in many cases the fault may lie not in over usage of electricity but performance issues with the house. All our homes are scored using the Residential Energy Services Network HERS Index Score by a third-party, RESNET-certified HERS Rater. The HERS Index Score functions as a MPG (miles-per-gallon) sticker for houses, and informs you about how your home compares to other similar ones when it comes to energy usage.

What is a HERS Index Score?

The HERS Index accounts for a home's energy consumption of heating, cooling, water heating, lighting and some appliances.

RESNET HERS Index Score Graphic
  • The national standard by which a home's energy efficiency is inspected and rated.
  • A typical home built to 2006 energy efficiency standards scores 100 on the HERS Index.
  • A 1-Point change in the HERS Index represents a 1% change in energy use.
  • A lower Index Score means a home uses less energy.

How does it work?

  1. A certified RESNET Home Energy Rater assesses the energy efficiency of the home.
  2. The home is assigned a HERS Index Score based on its overall energy performance.
  3. The lower the score, the more energy efficient the home and the less you pay in energy bills.

Who are our raters?

We use a third-party HERS Rater, trained and certified by RESNET. They are highly trained, requiring:

  • A rigorous 40-hour course with national written and practical assessments
  • Apprentice-style probationary period for conducting a minimum of five ratings
  • Ongoing Professional Development requirements to maintain certification

They must adhere to Strict Quality Assurance Standards set by RESNET:

  • Oversight by RESNET Certified Rating Providers
  • Annual quality assurance audits of field inspections and building files
  • Held accountable to RESNET standards and code of ethics via complaint resolution process

We utilize TSI Energy Solutions to provide HERS Index Scores for every home we build.